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Terms and Conditions of Booking


Major Events


Waltham Village Hall is a Charity which is staffed largely by volunteers who give up a great deal of their free time to maintain the village hall for the benefit of the local residents. The big events that we host at the hall such as wedding receptions and parties serve to subsidise the facilities for the young and old alike of the Waltham on the Wolds community

As such we do not make a ‘profit’ and all proceeds are reinvested into the upkeep of our hall as a community asset. For this reason we do ask those booking a major event to make an early payment charge for a firm reservation of the hall, particularly if this in our peak season for weddings and at weekends. If you would like us to ‘hold’ a date, we can take a provisional expression of interest but you should be aware that should a firm booking materialise then we would need to accept that booking. That could potentially leave you without a venue.

We find that most wedding receptions are booked at least a year in advance and some several years ahead. If you therefore have to cancel a booking within that time period, we are very unlikely to be able to rebook the hall as we just do not receive enquiries for short notice bookings. If we have several cancellations at peak times, that could seriously damage the viability of the hall as we are so reliant on large events to subsidise our other services.

We hope therefore that you will understand why we have the following payment and cancellation policy.



  • At the point of booking the total package cost will be invoiced – 25% of the total value will become due for payment upon booking. This payment secures that date for you

  • A further 25% of the cost becomes due for payment 12 months in advance of the event date

  • The remaining 50% becomes due 2 months in advance of the event

  • If you have not paid for your booking by the date of the event we will not be able to grant access to the Hall


  • Cancellations 12 months or more from the date of the event will receive a full refund of money paid

  • Cancellations between 6 months and 12 months from the event date will receive a 50% refund

  • Cancellations less than 6 months from the event will not generate a refund unless we receive a new booking for that date.

  • Please be assured that if we are able to rebook any cancelled date we are more than happy to return to you any funds retained​


Refundable Deposit​


At the point of paying the final instalment for your booking we will also request a £150 deposit to insure us against any damage to the facilities and any additional cleaning costs incurred should the hall not be returned in the state you found it.

We will commit to return your deposit direct to your bank account within 10 working days of the event, providing the hall is left clean and in good repair. Any proposed deductions from the deposit will be evidenced and discussed with you before they are made




 The Hall has a fully stocked bar and can also provide bespoke wines and beers to order for particular events. Should you wish to bring your own alcohol into the hall, corkage will be invoiced and this will need to be authorised and paid for in advance of the date of the event


General Terms and conditions for all Hirers of the Hall and its facilities


The Hiring agreement is between Waltham Village Hall Committee and the Hirer.

The agreement permits the hirer use of the premises for the purpose and for the period, date and fee as described on the invoice

 The period of hire booked must include adequate time for the Hirer to set up the event, return the premises to a clean and tidy state and vacate the entire Hall premises

 In making the first or only payment against the invoice the Hirer is deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions of booking

 Any damage to the hall or its fixtures, fittings and assets will be the liability of the hirer at the time the damage is incurred.

 Cleaning costs are not expressly included in booking costs. Therefore it is crucial that you leave the hall in a clean and tidy condition as you would expect to finds it yourself



Regular Bookings


All terms and conditions of hiring are accepted at the point of booking


All holidays, cancellations and dates/sessions not required MUST be informed to the booking clerk one week prior in advance of the hiring date. It will not be acceptable to simply deduct amounts from a regular invoice. This creates a great deal of difficulty in ensuring that the Village Hall accounts are kept in order and much more work for our volunteers as well as causing confusion for cleaners and other potential hirers. Such amounts will be pursued as outstanding debts

 Bookings can only be accepted for up to a maximum of 12 calendar months ahead for regular session bookings

 Invoices are raised monthly in arrears and are due for payment on receipt. As we are a charity it is really important that you arrange to pay us promptly. We do not have the people, time or resources to regularly chase debts and so would very much appreciate your assistance in settling your account on time

Late payment or non payment will be deemed to void the agreement all future bookings may be cancelled at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee


Special Conditions –


 (a summary of the public entertainment license for the premises and the Safeguarding policy)

 The hirer cannot be a person under 25 years of age. The Hirer accepts responsibility for being in charge of and on the premises at all times when the public are present and for ensuring that all conditions of the public entertainment license relating to the management and supervision of the premises are met

 At functions for which there is a bar and/or  music there shall, in addition to the hirer, be a minimum of 3 competent attendants on duty on the premises to assist people entering and leaving, none of whom shall be less than 18 years of age.

 If most of those on the premises are under 16 the number of attendants shall be no less than 5. All persons on duty shall be aware of their essential responsibilities in regard to the law concerning the consumption of alcohol and action in the event of fire or other emergency including attention to disable people.

 For regular bookings not involving the bar or consumption of alcohol there shall be a ratio of one competent attendant in addition to the hirer for every 40 persons present. If most of those on the premises are under 16 the ratio must be at least than 1:20 in addition to the hirer or approved group leader.



Main Hall

The number of people cannot exceed: 200 closely seated
160 seated at tables (20 X 8)
104 at tables with dancing (1/3 floor for dancing)


The Upstairs Meeting Room

The number of people cannot exceed 20 people


Harry Hunt Room

The number of people cannot exceed: 80 closely seated
40 seated at tables
9 square wooden tables each seating 4 are included in the hire


                                                                           ROOM CAPACITIES







At all times and in all rooms, central and side gangways must be clear to allow passage in the event of emergency.

Numbers should include presenters, attendants and helpers




We cannot allow exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism on the premises Performances involving any danger to the public cannot be given

No known prostitute or person in state of intoxication shall be permitted to enter or remain on the premises

Nothing shall be acted, represented, recited or sung of a profane, licentious, obscene or indecent character


Hours of Opening


The Premises shall not be used for public entertainment except between the hours of 9am and 12am (midnight), unless special permission has been issued by Melton Mowbray Borough Council and also agreed by the Management Committee. All persons will be required to vacate the premises by 1am, when the hall will be locked by the Management Committee or nominated Steward.



Fire Safety


The Hirer must be in possession of and understand the building plan identifying the fire exits, alarm call buttons and the position and types of fire extinguishers available.


The Hirer must read and understand the statement in the entrance hall of the building regarding actions to be taken in the event of fire and the generic risk assessments prepared for the building in compliance with the fire reform regulation

The Hirer must make sure before and after each session that the fire escape routes are all clear of obstruction and can be safely accessed, that all fire doors can be opened but must not be wedged open and that there are no obvious fire hazards in the building

During each hire session the Hirer must do all of the above and also ensure that all people within their charge mare accounted for in the event of an evacuation

Highly flammable substances must not be brought into or used in any part of the premises

No internal decorations of a combustible nature (EG polystyrene, cotton wool) shall be used without the consent of the management committee and a full risk assessment

No unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises without the consent of the management committee


Health and Safety requirements and rules for the erection of any marquees or tentage at the village Hall be it internal or external



All contractors and suppliers shall produce a fully appraised Health, Safety and Risk assessment for the erection of tents or marquees at the Hall, be they internal within the main hall or external on the grounds adjacent the Hall. Such assessment shall determine safe working practices for the erection and subsequent dismantling of the tents and/or marquees and to ensure all such erections provide a safe environment for the occupational use intended and other users of the Hall and its facilities. All responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare from the moment erection commences, through occupation to the completion of the dismantling and departure from site will rest wholly with the suppliers and contractors. The Trustees for the Village Hall take no responsibility, what so ever, for Health, Safety and Welfare of contractors, suppliers, their employees and occupants of the tents or marquees.

In particular contractors and suppliers will be expected to:

  • Ensure that all emergency exits are maintained clear and unobstructed throughout the process of erection and dismantling. The design and location of all tentage, fixtures, cables, wires etc. shall be such that all exit routes are maintained clear and unobstructed throughout the period of usage.
  • Create a safe lifting document, with instructions regarding lifting items safely. All equipment to be handled with care, following these safe lifting procedures. All heavier or bulky items should be lifted by a minimum of two people. Sack wheels shall be made available for moving heavier or bulky items. With heavier items, contractors should ensure the route is kept clear of obstructions.
  • For all work carried out internally, contractors and suppliers will ensure adequate and comprehensive covering and protection is provide to minimise and damage to flooring, walling and other internal surfaces. Any damage occurring will be made good at the expense of the contractor or supplier.
  • Contractors and suppliers must ensure that all points of fixature to the structure of the building are adequate for the use intended and capable of taking the weight, pressures and strains imposed upon them by the erection of the tent or marquee.
  • An installation and dismantling schedule is to be produced and made available for inspection by any nominated member of the Board of Trustees for the Village Hall. Contractors must ensure all equipment is brought into and out of the hall in a safe manner. A designated member of the contractors shall
  • be assigned to tour the venue once everything is ready, checking for any potential trip hazards, and correcting them before departing the site.
  • Installation equipment (such as ladders and scaffolding) is to be brought into and out of the venue in a specific and planned manner to prevent trip hazards being created and damage to the Hall structure and finishes. All exposed supporting wires and cables are to be covered by tape or rubber stripping.
  • Furniture and other hire items shall be kept out of the venue while ceiling decorations are being installed or dismantled
  • All electrical installations must be in full compliance with the relevant IEE regulations. The contractor or supplier is to produce a list of the power requirements of each electrical item to be used and determine, in advance, where each item is to be plugged in and that there is suitable and adequate power supply to this point of connection. All electrical equipment, including that used for the installation and dismantling process is to have up-to-date PAT certificates. If during the installation process, the event itself, or during the dismantling process any electrical equipment appears to be faulty, and a qualified person is not present to carry out the necessary check or make the necessary repairs, then use of the item is to cease immediately. Any issues with electrical supplies or equipment belonging to the Hall, or other outside suppliers are to be reported to the venue manager, or supplier point of contact.
  • Upon completion of dismantling contractors and suppliers shall ensure there are no materials left on site. All areas disturbed made good and any damage to the building, land, fixtures and fittings reported to the Village Hall Trustees, who reserve all rights to initiate repairs and recover all costs arising from the appropriate contractor or supplier.
  • Before leaving the premises, a final dry sweep of the floor to the main hall shall be undertaken and the foyer area vacuum cleaned.


No alcohol may be brought into the building without prior agreement 


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