Community Fund Raising Event Policy


The purpose of the Village Hall is to provide a facility for the good of the local community.  It’s Trustees have responsibilities to the residents of the Parish to deliver a well maintained Village Hall, as a place of learning, recreation and experience for the community whilst acting in the best interests of the charity at all times.


Waltham has a vibrant community with a number of interest groups and charitable organisations which also seek to make our village a better place to live.  Our Trustees recognise that the Hall can and should be used as a great asset to help community and charitable groups to raise funds.  The Trustees have therefore committed to grant free access to the hall for local residents and groups where an event is intended to raise funds for the good of the local residents. This is in keeping with our constitution, which can be found here


We reserve the right to charge for any cleaning or maintenance, which arises as a result of such non-chargeable functions.  Should there be a requirement for a bar to be available, this too would incur a charge with the consumption of any alcohol on the premises requiring the presence of a paid Steward, the charge for which would need to be met by the customer.


The Village Hall Trustees reserve the right to review this policy at any time without notice.

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